Temptations are everywhere!


There are foods that are not good for you, clothing you can’t afford, cars you can’t drive, and people you’re not supposed to be intimate with!


Because you have made decisions and taken actions that brought you to this point in your life: health, wealth, lifestyle, work, and yes that relationship you’re in!

When you decide to be part of something that involves another person (or other people), you are responsible for your actions to reach the goals you set from the start.

If you change your mind half way through the process, it’s YOUR responsibility to step up to the plate no matter how hard it may be.

Temptations are the EASY way out!

A “quick fix” as many might say! Your problems won’t disappear by giving in that easily.

Ok! Let’s say it happened! You gave in to a temptation.

Now the indication that something is missing in your life has fully awakened.

What to do now?

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