As many of you know, it was Mother’s Day this past Sunday.

Mother’s Day is all about, flowers, gifts, dinning, and giving back as much as we can in one day to show our appreciation and gratitude for receiving unconditional love 24/7 for 365 days a year from her.

Even if we celebrated Mother’s Day everyday for the rest of our lives, it still will not even come close to what we’ve been receiving since birth.

It’s quite overwhelming planning the day to show her our appreciation in just one day. That’s why it’s a great idea to show her love and gratitude throughout the year!

After contacting all my friends, who are mommies, those about to become mommies and those who lost their amazing mommies, I set out to enjoy the day with mine.

My mom has always been a symbol of love, strength, sacrifice, devotion, and support to myself and my siblings and we can never thank her enough for that.

We had a great day together.

At the end of the day, I asked her to give me something that’s very important to me.

Yup! I asked her to give me more on HER day! 😀

I asked her if she were to give her children a quick review of top 5 keys for the ultimate fulfilled and happy living, what would they be?

Here they are:


1. Don’t let your limits become your life. Dream BIG!

2. Your health should always be number one on your list.

3. See life through loving eyes.

4. Enjoy the small moments. They matter.

5. Love and trust one another. Your unity must be an unbreakable chain.

I wanted to share these with you as they are very dear to me and I believe everyone deserves to live life under such rules.

Thanks to her (and my sweet dad), I’ve been living by such standards all my life.

Please leave your comments and questions in the box below. Remember, you can help others as someone in need may be reading them and benefit from your words. Thank you for being part of the progress.