What does it take to start over?

We know we can’t go back and change the past but we CAN start over.

We can have “firsts” again.


We already know how but we forget or we choose not to remember.

Perhaps because there’s more work ahead and we have enough on our hands already?

Perhaps we’re afraid we might not be as successful as we were the first time?

Or maybe we think once we get there, what we may find will not be what we thought it would be?

Who knows!

I’m here to tell you we CAN start again and it WILL feel even better this time.


Because we already know many of the steps towards a higher purpose and goal.

It will all come back to us and, along the way, we will have many other “firsts”.

Here’s a little story to keep in the back of your mind:

I was helping my cute little cousin, Maya, get on her very first car for the very first time.

At first (no pun intended!), she just sat there with a blank look in her eyes. She was searching for the right emotion in her body to see how she feels about it!


Maya riding her first car for the first time!

She, then, looked at me right away to double confirm her feelings based on my expression.

She sat there, looking down and around, getting to know all the angles around her.

A few seconds later, she was smiling, laughing and trying to figure out all the options she had on her new wheel.

Besides many exciting and life-risking “firsts” as parachuting, swimming with the sharks, and bunji jumping, there are many other firsts that we can make happen for ourselves every day.

Emotional adventures we go on,  fears we overcome, feeling loved, loving and being in love, and many more actions we choose to take to live a fulfilled life are all the other amazing feelings that “firsts” provides us with.

They are what makes this journey worth it.

I’m sure you can already count so many firsts you’ve experienced just in the recent past.

It’s time step up and experience many more.


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