Are you a self-judger or do you judge others?

The answer to that doesn’t matter as people who self judge, judge others and vice versa!

There’s no other way out of self punishment but one and that is Self Love.

I’m a strong believer that the answer to asking the right questions will put you back on your path of your true destiny and the wrong questions will only drift you farther apart from it.

So when it comes to judgement what kind of questions run through your mind?

Are they along the lines of:

“Am I smart enough?”

“Am I good enough?”

“Skinny enough?”

“Why this happens to me all the time?”

“What am I doing wrong?”, etc.

The answer to all these questions leads you to dead ends and that’s where judgement awaits your arrival!

If you want to change that about yourself from this moment on and use the tools to practice to love yourself and others instead of mentally punishing yourselves, you’ve come to the right place.

You’re just one click away to change it all around.

I encourage you to get your notebooks out and click away:

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