Appreciation is the acknowledgement and understanding of the good… around and within us.

In business, appreciation is “an increase in the value of an asset over time”.

This also can be related to relationships and things as well, that is if you don’t consign to oblivion!

However, with time, people tend to lose sight of the value of the good whether it’s a person or a thing.

For example, if someone looks at the same breathtaking view everyday for weeks, months and years at a time, eventually the view will lose it’s value to that person, unless the focus is kept on what there IS rather than what there ISN’T.

As a result people lose sight of the privilege of the view in front of them and end up looking back with regret, complaints of loss and the lack of appreciation for it.

Appreciation is not to be expected. It is to be given freely.

Gratitude, awareness, and acknowledgment are what follow when this cycle flows.

In today’s video you’ll learn about 4 ways of feeling appreciated and understanding your part in giving and receiving it.

Let’s begin:

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