Do you know how many people I ask this question in a day:  “How are you today?”


And I tell ya, I chat and talk to a lot of people in one day!

The answer, 9 out of 10 times, comes back as: “I’m so busy!”.

It’s kinda disappointing, tell you the truth!

Being a “busy” person these days apparently is like a Facebook status; it makes the person saying it, feel like they matter!

I hear this statement even on weekends, in gatherings, events, grocery stores, etc.

I’ve seen people reading books, relaxing by the pool, walking on the seawall and they still reply with “I’m busy” to my question!

I’ll get to my point now:

I work days and nights and even weekends, and all it’s all by choice .

I chose my work because that’s who I am.

I am a coach even on my off hours. I’ve been known to coach the table next to me at a restaurant, the funny guy at the lounge, the girl working at the coffee shop, the homeless man on the street, etc.

No one is safe anymore… from being coached!

But here’s the main point: I refuse to define myself by being just a busy person.

I give my work and my free fun time the same balanced importance and attention.

My work does not define “my status” and the word “busy” does not give importance to who I am.

However the attention I give to all areas of my life does.

So I guess I am “busy” loving life and giving it the respect and attention it deserves.

And if you hear me say: “I’m busy” that means I really am, so take my word for it.

Just remember any word you use after “I am”, you become.

Do you want to be known for being the “busiest” person in the room or the “most fulfilled”?

Are your “free” moments shuffled somewhere under the “busy” ones?

Hopefully not!

You’ll be surprised how much free time you actually have to enjoy once you decide to stop defining yourself as “busy”.

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