Change is inevitable.

Nothing stays the same.

And if you really want to experience life at a higher level you have to learn to adapt to change and keep an eye out on your “resistance meter”.

Many ask for change but when it actually happens all they want to do is to control and prevent it.


Because the unknown is a very scary place to a person who has been living on the “safe” side: The same side as comfort and habit.

Many forget that the beginning of their comfort zone began with change and acceptance of it!

So what makes embracing some changes harder than the others?

It’s the emotional attachment to past pains and fears combined with giving up the “comfort zone” to welcome adventure and the unknown.

It’s giving up control and letting go.

So how do you ease into change (the ones that scare the living lights out of you!)?

First, you have to use your imagination by asking yourself : “How would I feel if my life stayed just the same as now?”

Second, when the self-debate begins, for clarification, you need to ask yourself: “Is my answer to this question derived from a place of fear or am I resisting this opportunity because it’s not aligned with my values and goals?”.

And third, as the amazing Anthony Robbins says: “If you think you can’t, then you MUST”.

Remember you can always come back to what you’re comfortable with now but you don’t want to live a life wondering “What if…”.

Allow flow of movement when change arrives. Your truth lies within it.

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