“You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.” – Wayne Dyer

We do our darndest every day to stay in the present tense; enjoy the minutes of the day, live in the moment, carpe diem, be in the now, live for today and just stay present.

Never thought I’d say this but sometimes we can get stuck in the present!

It’s been an interesting and intense week: I couldn’t make much sense out of some happenings but just kept moving along and telling myself: “I’ll make sense of it all later, just have to focus on what’s happening NOW!”

At times I found myself frustrated and agitated as nothing delivered the intended standard outcome and I was thrown off my game, sort of speak.

It was a super busy week so I didn’t have the luxury of “extra time” to go back and review each and every incident to figure it all out and get back to my “centre”.

I had to stay in the NOW to keep on top of the schedule, both for personal and business matters.

I was stuck in the present!

Don’t get me wrong, I choose my moments carefully and I love diving into them, staying a while, and coming back refreshed to continue with what lies ahead.

You know what helped me with my calm? Digging back into the past similar long gone moments to make sense of my “off-track” present ones.

The lessons were awaiting me there.

I was just too busy being present and moving forward.

I surrendered to the past with ease.

I can tell you now with true conviction, that even in a hurricane of turmoil I felt weirdly calm because of my special “library”.

What’s the point of having a past if you’re not going to use its lessons when you’re stuck in a chaotic now?

Let me tell you my dear reader if you’re going through hell now do not consider it a waste as it will lead you to your calm later on.

I know you might have a hard time embracing it now but trust me it will pave you a smooth future.

Let your PAST be your “reference library”, your NOW your main event, and your FUTURE your motivation for more life and living.

Just let go and surrender.

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