I’m high today!

No, I want to correct that.

I’m SUPER high today! ūüėÄ


It’s not drugs. I don’t even take Advil!

I feel like I can do ANYTHING and NOTHING can stop me.

I feel like I’m walking on clouds.

This is the feeling I’m very familiar with but lately I had been feeling a bit off track and hadn’t had my grip on life it as tight I usually had it.

Today is the first day after a 4 day intense cleanse that I learned about in Fiji while I was attending the Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University and let’s just say¬†Tony doesn’t make things easy! That’s how you learn.

Change is never easy. If it were easy we wouldn’t fight it so hard.

There is a lesson in everything to be picked up and taken away by YOU. Therefore, change must happen because it’s the barrier of the lesson.

Two of my besties got on the same train with me. They were feeling off track too and it was the perfect timing for all three of us.

It’s¬†priceless¬†to have a strong support system while toughing and roughing it.

Why a cleanse?

It’s a personal choice but I chose the cleanse as my action plan for what I wanted and needed.

When you’re feeling off track,¬†have lost some control¬†or feeling off centred, it’s always good to have a plan.

Do not keep your eye off the ball, a.k.a. YOUR ULTIMATE DESTINATION.

Here are some questions that may help you with your plan:

What do you want at the end of this journey?

What’s most important to you?

What fulfills you?

And what does it take for you to get it?

After the plan is set up, here’s how you can strengthen control of your self:

  1. If your not feeling at your BEST¬†then it’s time:
    When change needs to happen in our lives it gives us signals. Signs are everywhere but we choose to ignore them at first, or we don’t know¬†the right action plan in place, or we pretend it’s a one time thing and it will pass. Signs come in different shapes and forms: resentment of a person(s), anxiety over an incident(s), indecisiveness, talking a lot but not taking action (ignoring the issue), and many more. These signs are telling you: “It’s time for you to welcome back change with open arms.”
  2. Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically:
    You’re going into war with your weaker self so you better have the right tools and be prepared. We are our own worst enemies. You are at¬†an advantage here though: you KNOW your opponent all too well. Put a plan in order and all the steps that need to take place, set a date, choose¬†your support system, and then walk through¬†the door and put¬†one foot in front of the other.
    Be patient with yourself and forgive yourself (ex: if you’re having un-Godly thoughts about chips, fruits and Persian food, like me!!) and keep moving. On the¬†first day, we¬†went to an inspirational seminar to help us¬†with our¬†process and the first thing we encountered was a cocktail party with open bar and food! Now that’s a WAR!
  3. Take notes and voice it:
    As you’re going through your¬†toughest times fighting, take note of these hard and weak moments and ask yourself the right questions as your lessons lye within the answers. Don’t lose those. Here are some samples: Why am I having such a hard time with this one specific task, talk, word, person, issue, etc.? What’s my lesson in this moment? Why am I feeling uncomfortable in this very moment? These are confrontational questions towards yourself: Putting yourself on the spot to get an answer. You also need to voice your story¬†with your support group, about¬†your recognizing your weaknesses and your learnings, to turn them into strengths. Otherwise they¬†will be hidden in silence within you. You don’t want to keep them¬†there now, do you?
  4. Celebration makes all the difference in the world:
    Hard work deserves a reward, especially when you complete it beautifully. Celebrating is as important as every step here as you need to lock in your¬†FEELINGS of winning. It will be your motivation and inspiration for anything else that you will do from here on. ¬†You don’t need to compare yourself with any other to start your next challenge or to be inspired and motivated. You have a library of your own experiences because you locked them¬†in with your celebrations. I should mention here that “celebrating” doesn’t necessarily mean drinking and overeating! That’s the first action most people take to celebrate. You can understand why I’m not celebrating that way after cleaning my body¬†squeaky clean! I chose to¬†celebrate my victory¬†today by¬†sharing my experience with you as when you share your beautiful moments, it bursts into even a bigger experience.

Self control is not about forcing yourself to take certain actions or not¬†but it’s about having goals and dreams and aligning your¬†emotions, body, and mind to work FOR YOU to achieve them.

A¬†“cleanse”,¬†change of lifestyle (eating, drinking, working out), or whatever you choose as your vessel, is how you take¬†control over yourself to make change happen and not run away from it.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with the direction¬†your life is moving these days¬†and you’re not your usual confident self, then it’s time for a “recharge”.

Embrace and welcome change with open arms.

Please leave your comments and answers in the comment boxes under the questions. Remember, you can help others as someone in need may be reading them and can benefit from your words. Thank you for being part of the progress.