Have you ever got so excited about starting a project, planned it all out and figured out all your main actions steps, only to stop moving it forward and later telling yourself many reasons and excuses why you didn’t make it happen?

Have you ever wanted so badly to live a wholehearted and fulfilled life and you came so close to breaking free into it, but somehow you ended up telling yourself stories why you should not pursue it and then let it go?

Well let me tell you my dear: You were/are facing the fear of failure.

It can stop you in your tracks no matter how strong you pursue your goals and the only way to overcome it is to know yourself and your values well enough so you’re able to overpower the fear.

In today’s coaching session we have a question from one of my most loyal fans about how to overcome this nasty fear.

As usual, I have broken the steps down into 4 helpful and simple ones for you to make sure you overcome your fear of failure.

Let’s not keep you waiting from a life you deserve:

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