There’s up and then there’s down.

Up again, down again and then repeat.

These are human emotions scales throughout the course of a day, week, month, year and a lifetime.

When you fast forward events of life, it feels like a ping pong match between your happy and sad emotions, doesn’t it?

In real life, all the ups and down happen in different intervals and times: sometimes back-to-back and sometimes with lots of space in between.

“And the good news here is?”: you ask.

You have control over every single emotion that runs through you.

You have control over the duration it runs through you as well.

You’re on the switchboard. Switch it up or down as it serves you.

Though if a “down” emotion lingers for longer than it should, it is only a reflection of your relationship with your fears.

The “home” emotion is the most occurring one.

People are able to “snap out of it”, even the happy ones and get to the “home” emotion once the state they’re in changes.

I’ve come across individuals who are healthy and “seemingly” successful at achieving everything society dictated for a “happy” person to have and yet they live in a very depressed, pessimistic, or a self- destructive state.

I have also interacted with those whom do not have all the key elements of a so-called “happy” life, as they’re fighting a life threatening illness or lost all their belongings, but they can lighten and brighten up the room and the whole building just by walking in.

They conquer it all.

Now that’s CHOICE. Not luck, not magic, but choice.

Their choice.


By making the decision to CHOOSE the “home” state they prefer to live in.

It actually happens when you choose to go outside of your comfort zone of an emotion.

For example, depression is not a good place to be but for the person who knows this emotion all too well is a great place to rest in as it is very familiar.

And that’s how “familiar” becomes “comfortable”.

Here’s the key to change it all around:

After making the decision to change it around, set up a plan.

You’ve gotta have a plan!

(Pssst! It doesn’t hurt to see a coach either.)

Then, put your plan in ACTION to turn it into your new habit.

It takes only 3 weeks to change a habit, by the way.

That – is – all: 3 short weeks!

Here’s a little assignment to play around with to start:

  • If you’re slouching, sit up straight.
  • If you’re expressionless or frowning, turn it into a smile and show some teeth!
  • If your breathing is shallow, take a few deep breaths consciously.

If you don’t like the “home” emotion, learn about the actions that you partake in when you’re there and replace them with the new actions you’d like to become more familiar and comfortable with.

Practice that for 3 weeks and see what happens.

Stay present and be aware of your own actions to figure out where you “live” most of the time.

Do you believe it is time for a change?

Remember this: No one said it was going to be easy but it definitely is worth it.

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