How far is too far?

How far can you be pushed and pulled till you say: “Enough is enough!”?

We all have our limits… or so we think we do.

When it comes to our lifestyles such as work, sports, health, friendships, family, etc. we hold certain standards to help us maintain and respect our values.

On the other hand, our “imaginary” limitations and boundaries are our ultimate stoppers which won’t allow us to push beyond a certain point.

The things we think we can’t do block us from what we’re really capable of achieving.

I call them “imaginary” because those limits are not attached to our values but to the beliefs we’ve picked up somewhere along the way:

  • Perhaps an idea from a book,
  • Discouragement by an occurrence or a person,
  • Hitting a plateau,
  • Or getting too comfortable and losing track.

The difference lies here: Our values stem from our core and are unchangeable. They lead us to our goals, whatever they may be.

A value-driven life leads us to minimizing our limitations and maximizing our achievements.

So here’s my story to help you better understand my point and maybe to remind you of all the times you surprised the heck out of yourself!

Looking back at the past 3 months of my life, so much is still blurry and some other moments I remember as vivid and clear as daylight.

It all began when 2 separate venues were booked for 2 VERY important events of my life, falling 4 days apart from one another:

  • My very own first seminar, which I’ve been dreaming about since I became a coach (almost 8 years ago), and
  • The first public screening of a documentary about my father, a world renowned and celebrated sculptor, who’s appreciation in Vancouver (our hometown of 26 years), had been quite minimal until this event.

I was already overwhelmed by a handful of “imaginary” beliefs for my seminar, let alone taking on another heavy task with even more pressure as it involved my loving father and idol who deserves nothing but the BEST.

But I had made up my mind to go ahead with both events, not fully aware of the “real” challenges and limitations awaiting me to break down and break through.

When in doubt, any time I want to arrange my thoughts and make a big decision, I ask myself: “What would my life look like if I did not experience this?”.

And in these cases, the answer was very clear: both events had to take place most successfully. That, I knew for sure.

Originally the two events were set about 3 weeks apart but a change in the schedule rearranged the entire plan and that’s when my “real” limits were put to the test.

There were times when I lost track of days, hours, minutes, weekends, birthdays, family time, Christmas, etc. and my sleep was cut down from 7 – 8 hours a day to 3 -4 hours during this entire time.

I operated and organized the tasks like a machine!

Focus became number one on my value list as there were many details to cover for both events.

Not a drop of time was wasted during the entire process.

I felt like I was walking through a very dark and endless tunnel and the only light guiding me was the flashing of a “No Stopping” or “No U-Turn” sign!

Quitting or performing a “half-ass” job was not even an option on the table.

I’m not a perfectionist but I came pretty close to becoming one! Yikes!

I tell ya, these are the times you not only get to know those around you under a different light but you also get to see yourself from a brand new perspective; an “unimaginable” one and without the limits.

You wanna know something really funny (it’s funny now but wasn’t back then!)?

I was dilly-dallying and playing around with time.

I was procrastinating as I wasn’t sure if I can do a great job and fear of failing kept circling my mind like a vulture!

It took me a whole month to finalize a venue for my seminar, which I finally booked it on my birthday, and at that time the other event was not even in the picture!

It was just right after that the universe delivered me a fantastic lesson: not just one but two milestone events to put together and of course, back to back!

If that’s not gonna push you over your limitations I don’t know what would!

You think I had time to be scared?

Oh hell, YES!!

I found time to be scared in the hours I couldn’t sleep and when the mornings arrived, I was back in my super-action mode and charged up.

By the way, if it wasn’t because of the constant support of my very best friends and family who kept reenergizing me to push through, none of these events would’ve happened.

I couldn’t have done this alone.

Life is not meant to be lived alone but shared with those who carry the same values as you. Don’t ever forget that.

When you’re being tested for your limits, you won’t miss out on the lessons if you’re surrounded and helped by your loved ones. You’ll actually end up learning more.

Both events turned out to be a great success, even beyond my expectations, plans and dreams.

Upon completion, I was rewarded with many smiles and much appreciation. But the real fulfillment did not lie in the success of the events.

The journey throughout delivered the following:

  • Overcoming my leftover limited beliefs,
  • Testing my skills,
  • Utilizing all I had learned so far in life,
  • Fine tuning my goals,
  • Believing (more than ever) that I CAN, and
  • Appreciating even more the love and support of my amazing family and most loyal friends

And these are just the tip of the iceberg as I haven’t had the chance to fully reflect back on everything that happened during those days.

One thing is for sure:

A whole new world with many other dimensions is awaits us to discover our “REAL” limits.

Do not give it up for something as petty as fear.

Your well deserved life awaits you beyond the limits.

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