At some point in our lives (for some, more often than others!) we all experience jealousy!

What is jealousy anyway?

It’s a feeling of “lack” which arises as a result of fear of not being enough and “less than”, when comparing self with other(s).

It derives mainly from lack of self love, low self esteem/self confidence, powerlessness, etc.

It’s a feeling of having no control over yourself and your life.

Even at times when we feel we’re fully in control of our lives, jealousy can arise and turn it all around!

So how can we overcome jealousy?

How can we take our control and power back?

Besides immersing ourselves in self love, we also need to understand what jealousy really is and approach it to turn it around to our advantage instead of sabotaging ourselves and our goals.

In today’s coaching video, I’m providing you with solution based tips on how to understand and overcome jealousy in a way to benefit your needs.

So let’s get you started right away:

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