What is balance?

Is it what helps us live a “steady” life so we don’t stumble and fall?

If we were balanced at all times, wouldn’t life be a little tad boring?!

Why do we have the need to feel balanced anyway?

We only need to feel balanced after we have fallen off our tracks.

Life is not all black and white choices, actions and emotions. There is a beautiful gray area where balance resides which also the centre of the B&W spectrum.

Balance is our centre point which we strive to get back to after our high and low experiences.


Because it is in our core that we feel most fulfilled and happy.

We need to experience life in all its shades: ranging from the purest of the whites, through all rays of grays, and the darkest of the blacks.

Living life fully means feeling ALL shades of emotions which allow our souls grow into more love, appreciation, kindness, gratitude, happiness, joy and so much more.

So how do we arrive at our core again when we have lost our way and can’t seem to find our way back?

In today’s coaching session, you’ll learn the essential steps on how to find your balance in all areas of life.

Let’s get started:

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