What is perfection?

It’s a condition and state of mind of being perfect.

What defines perfection?

Being flawless, faultless, without defects, and having no room for improvement!

Just writing this exhausts me and sucks my energy right out, let alone living it!

We are all under such heavy pressures, implemented through marketing, by “health” promoting corporations and many other industries to be the PERFECT human being!

It’s a billion dollar money making machine and everyone is falling for it spending their hard earned money to look, be, feel, and act “perfect”.

The downside of it all is that perfection does NOT exist. No ONE is perfect. Why would anyone want to perfect anyway?

It’s the road to nowhere that never ends, fulfillment and happiness are not felt there, and those striving for it end up being the unhappiest and most unsatisfied beings.

Is it worth spending our precious time towards it?


The sooner we embrace our IMPERFECTIONS the sooner we invite joy, light, happiness, and fulfillment in.

In today’s session, you’ll learn a few helpful tips on shedding the false beliefs of perfection and embrace your true self and beautiful imperfections.

Let’s get to the session NOW:

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