What is anxiety?

It’s a fear based emotion which acts as an alarm, warning us that danger is close by and we need to protect ourselves.

We all experience anxiety and feel its symptoms in our bodies due to stressful situations and challenging encounters.

It’s common signs in our bodies are usually faster heartbeat, shortness of breath, dilated pupils, sweaty palms (body) or sudden drop in body temperature, etc.

However, due to social and behavioural conditioning, we have been taught to numb and repress many emotions in order to fit in and feel accepted and as a result many of us experience anxiety and panic attacks in the absence of real danger all due to our false and limiting beliefs.

It’s like topping up a full pot of boiling hot water, holding the lid down, and turning the heat higher!

What do you think will happen next?

By addressing our fear based and limiting emotions and understanding the root of our anxiety, we can release and rewire our beliefs to love based emotions and actions.

Let’s get started:

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