What is motivation?

It is the desire and the drive force behind our decisions to do, achieve, create, and build.

It also is the very reason we act and behave a certain way.

If we’re driven, were fully energized and in action mode, and if we’re not, we feel low in energy, in “rest” mode, and may feel lost and imbalanced.

Please keep in mind that we don’t have to be motivated all the time. That would be exhausting!

We do need the rest and relaxation period to re-centre and regroup. But motivation is not an emotion that will just come and go as we please.

Just like all the sweet tasting experiences in life, we have to work at it to get the results we want.

You have to work at it and that only happens when you want your goals bad enough.

The question is: how bad do you want them?

Your motivation depends on that.

Let’s get our session started to learn how to work towards becoming motivated:

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