What is our personal truth?
Our truth is our core: our values and boundaries.
It is about feeling balanced, tapping into the happiness within instead of looking for it out “there”.
Living by our truth sounds like a heavy duty job but what it really means is to love and stand by ourselves no matter what.
It’s about being present and hear out our hurt inner child when s/he is screaming for help through our anxiety, sadness, depression, judgement, doubt, and not shut it down through numbing and walking away.
That’s standing by our truth: accepting and loving all our sides (light and dark) instead of picking and choosing the parts accepted by society and those whose opinions matter to us.
By standing in our truth, we’re also able to see others in theirs.
Having compassion and kindness for others is a must but not at the cost of turning our backs on one person who needs our trust and love the most. Many make the mistake of always showing up for others in name of kindness, compassion, empathy, and love.
However, if we do not show up for ourselves FIRST when we’re scared, anxious, angry, depressed, then we’re not only into people pleasing mode but much farther away from our truth.
Living our truth is daring to be vulnerable to be seen, heard, and appreciated for who we are underneath the masks.
So in today’s coaching session we’ll be discussing tips on how to live authentically and in your truth.
Let’s get started:

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