Let’s start by defining confidence.

All roads to having confidence begins and ends with TRUST.

Having confidence in self means we trust in our abilities, gifts, potentials, talents, skills, and ultimately our true selves and our soul’s purpose.

The more confidence we have the better as it will be much harder for events to throw us off balance.

The more we trust ourselves and what’s meant to be and happen for us, the less we are codependent on others and outside circumstances to deliver our happiness and fulfillment.

When we vibrate at a very high level we attract what we set our hearts to receive.

On the other hand, lack of confidence heightens low self esteem, negative self-talk, need for validation, expectations (instead of appreciation), and a whole lot of puffed up ego to make up for lack of trust in self.

In today’s coaching session we’ll be addressing how to boost up our confidence so we can show up at our best for ourselves, our loved ones, and our purpose.

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