What does “heartbreak” really mean?

It surely doesn’t mean that our hearts literally break in pieces? Or does it?

One thing is for sure and that is the intensity of emotional pain we endure when “heartbroken”, as in sorrow, grief, anguish, sadness, and depression, feels like our hearts are ripped wide open or broken into a million pieces.

It’s the kind of pain we want to avoid at any cost and yet sometimes we find ourselves drowning in the very same painful emotional cocktail as we cannot stop living life because of its unavoidable events. Such events include: loss/death of a person,pet, etc., breakup, deceit, betrayal, and so on.

Heartbreak happens as a result of losing love or better yet, the thought of losing love. Yes it all goes back to love; Feeling worthy to feel and be loved, to be precise.

We can’t avoid the events and emotions that tag along with heartbreak. However, we can learn to understand the fears and patterns we have build up around it to help us feel safe from ever feeling that crappy again.

This is to not only ease and soften the pain through practicing self love, but also to help ourselves back to healing and living with happiness again.

In today’s coaching session, we discuss 3 tips on finding our way back to happiness after heartbreak.

Let’s get to it:

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