Oh that good ol’ feeling of guilt!

What is guilt anyway?

It’s the emotion we feel for believing we’ve done something bad and therefore we’re not good enough to feel loved or worthy to receive it.

It all depends on the meaning we associate with the action(s) taken place, which usually involves another person(s).

We may feel guilty for things as not committing to a promise, calling someone back (not knowing what they want or have to say), not visiting parents/family as often as we like, going back on our words, being “perfect”, saying things at the wrong time, etc.

Oh there are so many reasons we can find to feel guilty and again it all depends on our perspective and the meaning we give to our actions.

The upside of guilt is (yes, there is one!) that it prevents us from taking certain actions that are harmful to ourselves and others, as it helps us to stop and think of the consequences, check in with our moral values, before taking another step forward. It keeps us more aware of our higher selves.

Again, if our guilty feelings lead us to feel less or least worthy of love, it’s time we heal the pains beneath this fear based emotions.

Today’s coaching session will provide you with 3 helpful tips to understand and let go of the heavy loads of guilt.

Let’s dig in:

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