This is a juicy one!

And I’ll tell you why? Because everyone wants and talks about receiving love.

In fact, many of us even believe we deserve and are worthy of receiving same level of love we give, or even more!

So why are we not given what we so strongly believe is our right to receive?

The answer is quite simple:

We expect to receive the unconditional love we so crave and desire from others, when we don’t even put the effort in to love ourselves even half as much in the first place.

Then how can we recognize and appreciate it when receiving it?

The most important step is to first understand our needs and wants. And I’m not talking about a cookie-cutter list!

We all have different ways of giving, showing, and appreciating love. That’s how we can also teach others how to love us the way we feel we deserve to receive it.

Love is the MOST wanted feeling and therefore, sadly, the MOST feared.

Why feared? Because many believe it hurts us. Let’s make it clear once and for all: that’s not love that hurts us, but the lack of it; it’s our fears.

That’s why being vulnerable is very hard and we need a lot of courage to show up for it. Love requires trust, truth, honesty, and jumping into the unknown.

But if we truly believe we are worthy of feeling and receiving it unconditionally, we need to surrender to the void and face our fears.

In today’s session, we will be discussing 3 tips on how to let our guards down to let love in.

Let’s get to it:

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