Let’s start with the word “diet” and what it really means before the beauty industry and marketing companies changed its meaning to restrict one of our main sources of livelihood for their own profit.

The word diet simply means what we eat, a.k.a. food; Not cutting food.

Nowadays, there are many different forms of “diets” advertised to lose weight, look younger, and such so ultimately, we can feel more loved by others.

Of course, it’s very important to mention that each body is different than the other and so is our nutritional needs. One good place to start is learning about our blood type and what kind of food we specifically need and not follow some cookie-cutter diet made for all! Then again, that’s a whole other topic for another time.

Ultimately, we’re constantly being sold on products and services that promote the false message that if we’re thinner or leaner we’ll be accepted and therefore loved more. Total BULL CRAP!

Natural food, not boxed stuff, is one of the main sources for our happiness and joy.

When we end up abusing our bodies by using something that can actually make us feel so good, it’s a major sign that our emotions are out of balance and we’re functioning from a place of lack.

Therefore, in today’s coaching session, we’ll dig deeper into the meaning of our emotions around food and how to break free from diet patterns.

Let’s get to it now:

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