What is connection to self and how do we know we’re disconnected?

This is actually one of the most common questions I’ve been asked in the last little while.

So let’s start with disconnection and how can we detect it in ourselves.

What it really means is that we disconnect from loving ourselves; it’s when self criticism, self punishment, self judgement, victim mode, puffed alter ego, and similar actions have taken over our thoughts and at an all time high.

This process usually is ignited by a “trigger”: when a person or an event comes close to or touches our “unhealed wounds”.

If we’re not aware enough or our fears and pains, we become reactive, to not only protect the open wound but to feel all the emotions that comes along with the pain of it: anger, anxiety, depression, self doubt, blame, shame, guilt, etc.

These are all signs of disconnection to self which, again, if we’ve been practicing acts of self love to take action from our higher selves (rather than from a reactive auto-mode), we can take certain actions to gently bring ourselves back to self compassion, self empathy, kindness, and eventually to a healing and safe place.

In today’s coaching session, I’m offering 3 effective tips on how to maintain connection to self so when fear takes over (and sooner or later it does), we can show up with nothing but love for ourselves.

Let’s get to the session now:

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