Tandar Tanavoli

Tandar Tanavoli is an entrepreneur, coach, philanthropist and motivational speaker.

Founding Tandar Tanavoli Results International (TTRI) in 2007, with a focus on international lifestyle, personal and professional coaching, as well as motivational educational seminars. She helps motivate her clients move through their self-limiting beliefs, mindset blocks, and emotional resilience while moving forward with clarity to achieve their goals and learn about their passions to deliver their life’s purpose.

Her clients are from all backgrounds and nations from around the world as: Vancouver, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Dubai, Tehran, and other cities across the globe. She coaches them with compassion, consideration and commitment and draws on her work and life experiences to help generate her clients’ own solutions and help get real breakthroughs on their way to attaining the life they design.

When not working directly with clients Tandar inspires and motivate her clients and followers (#tanfans) by continuously providing online coaching, inspirational tips, instructions, and videos.

She is both, a certified graduate of Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University and Erickson Coaching International College and a member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF). Tandar has an unquenchable thirst for learning, and embracing growth to keep herself up to date by attending seminars, taking courses, communicating with like-minded thought leaders, reading books and related online material.

Additionally, Tandar is very passionate about arts, culture, and giving back to the communities that she works within. She is involved in many different forms of philanthropy, with various charitable foundations.

For the past seven years she has been on the board of directors of the Neekoo Philanthropic Society, raising funds in helping young Iranian students continue and complete their education throughout the province of British Columbia in Canada.

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