On Fire
On a Roll!

– 6 Months

Have you ever asked yourself why the top performers, the happy and fulfilled, and the most successful have a full time coach?

Maybe it’s time you think about that if you are willing and ready to take your life to its ultimate and highest quality levels.

This packages is for those who are committed to themselves, their loved ones and their passion to continue to strive and improve all aspects of their lives.

Not meant for the non-committal!

All the dedicated people, click away:

– 24 Sessions – $3,600.00

(includes 2 complimentary sessions + $240.00 savings)


Thought and action provoking exercises are assigned to you by your coach in each session (different for every individual based on their needs)

Of course after the session, you’ll have enough to think about and work on for a week but as we all know, life is not black and white and some surprises may pop up here and there which may leave you longing for your coach’s advice.

Therefore, I’ve put an “In Case of Emergency” bonus with every package purchased.

  • All you can email!
  • 2 Texts per week – In case of need for emergency coaching, send text!
  • One 10 minute phone call per week (Again, in case of emergency)