Supercharged 2018

Super Charged

It’s about learning to improve and achieve daily goals through connection to our passions and purpose, expanding and shifting our perception of ourselves and our dreams while enhancing joy and creativity.

Dates: January 20th, 2018
Location: Vancouver, Canada


“Tandar is a wonderful coach! I would highly recommend going to her seminars: very loving and nurturing environment, provides the willingness to be vulnerable and honest with self and others. Felt the love.”

~ Seminar attendee

“Will absolutely recommend Coach T to others and I can’t wait for her next seminar! I will definitely spread the word to people whom I’m certain this seminar would help them out.”

~ Seminar attendee

This seminar was not only motivating but was balanced, very helpful and connected everyone in the room with self and others.

~ Seminar attendee

Workshop- Iran

The Long & Winding Road of Art

Topics discussed are practicing daily self love and overcoming everyday fears for living a much deserved happier life.

Dates: April 26th – 27th, 2016
Location: Tehran, Iran


“Coach Tandar is a source of pure love, kindest heart, and so much positive energy and I’m so charged by this seminar. I am sure that during the darkest hours of my life, just thinking about her and what I’ve learned will bring light into my moments.”

~ Sara Razmi - Seminar attendee (Iran)

“I’m very happy I attended and feel so much lighter as I believe now I can be even happier than even before… Even before this course, I could sense so much positive energy by following Coach’s social media po