Super Charged - Activate YOUR Journey event

What is the seminar about

Super Charged is all about YOU!

It’s about learning to improve and achieve daily goals through connection to our passions and purpose, expanding and shifting our perception of ourselves and our dreams while enhancing joy and creativity. 

We will focus on implementing action steps for self-discovery through embracing our sense of worthiness, love, and belonging, and boosting our confidence by recognizing our limiting beliefs and patterns to replace them with value-based actions.

As well, we’ll be diving deeper into the subject of fulfillment through understanding of trust, love, vulnerability, courage, compassion, and appreciation.

What will be discussed?

How to:

  • Give yourself the gift of love, kindness and appreciation while recognizing it in others
  • Face and overcome everyday challenges, blockers, and fears
  • Improve your relationships and attract positivity
  • Develop new patterns and improve your current skills
  • Improve health, vitality, energy, and fitness
  • Reduce stress and invite more calm
  • Embrace and love your authentic self
  • Improve your performance and productivity
  • Increase motivation and maintain its level
  • Acknowledge and own the power of vulnerability
  • Identify and understand the masculine and feminine energies
  • Enjoy more quality fun and play time
  • Lead a fulfilled and wholehearted life
  • And much much more!

What you will walk away with?

You’ll feel:

  • PUMPED, unstoppable and motivated
  • Confident and empowered
  • Deep understanding of yourself and a deeper connection with yourself and others
  • Clear vision of your goals and plans towards a wholehearted and fulfilled life
  • More presence, gratitude and appreciation of self and others
  • Driven and focused