We all love to feel appreciated for who we are, what we do and stand for, and the love that we share. 

So what does it take for us to feel appreciated?

When we feel seen and heard, we feel most connected and appreciated. 


Because when someones takes their time to see, hear, and connect with us means we’re worth the effort to their time. 

The question is do we always have to wait around for someone to show us we’re worthy to be appreciated? 

Of course NOT!

If we can learn how to truly appreciate, see, and hear ourselves, we can feel worthy and deserving every minute of every day.

The best part is when another shows and/or voices their appreciation, it’s just icing on the cake! 

And if we don’t feel appreciated, we can always make a choice from a place of abundance and not resentment or expectation. If anyone doesn’t appreciate our love, they most definitely don’t feeling worthy of the feeling themselves. 

Today’s coaching session provides you with tips on how to appreciate YOU most.

Let’s begin:  

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