Let’s find out if coaching is for you!

Tandar Tanavoli

Why Get Coached?

Ever wonder why the most successful people in the world have coaches? Or why professional and successful athletes always have a coach in their corner?

Well besides us having “secret powers” we help you design and live your life the way you’re supposed to be living it: with fulfillment, happiness, success, joy and driven by love (not fear).

Coaches keep you accountable and help you back on track when you feel lost from your true path.

You’ll define (more) what your passion and purpose in life is, what’s most important to you and what kind of legacy you’d like to leave behind.

What’s the Complimentary session for?

Knowing Me, Knowing You!

All good things begin with a complimentary session.

This session is designed for you to get a taste of coaching, get to know me and I get to know you too so we can design your sessions pertaining to your needs.

Once more clear and familiar on what it takes on both our parts, you can then decide on what package mostly fits your needs.

Coaching Packages

Jump Start

– Hourly

The hourly sessions are designed for the curious and the willing who want to improve their lives but need a little more info to get fully committed.

These sessions also come handy for those who have completed their coaching packages and would like to check in once in a while for maintenance or unexpected circumstances life hands out.

One session does help change your focus to a more solutions based thinking but it will not last if you do not continue with the sessions.

If you keep purchasing the sessions on an hourly basis, you’ll end up spending more as you’ll be hooked after the first one!

Go ahead and give it a try:


  • All you can email!
  • 2 Texts per week – In case of need for emergency coaching, text away!
  • One 10 minute phone call per week (Again, in case of emergency)

“Tandar is a wonderful coach!

I would highly recommend going to her seminars: very loving and nurturing environment, provides the willingness to be vulnerable and honest with self and others. Felt the love.”

~ Super-Charged seminar attendee

The Driven
The Committed

– 3 Months

This package is one of the most popular ones as you not only see solutions and results after each session, but in a matter of 3 months, at the end of the coaching package, you have the drive, charge, motivation, and a well designed plan to deliver your purpose in life.

It gives us enough time to dig deep, clean out the mess, reorganize and plan the life you deserve to live.

Not bad, huh?!

Let’s get you well on your way:

– 12 Sessions – $1800.00

(includes a complimentary session + $120.00 savings)


  • All you can email!
  • 2 Texts per week – In case of need for emergency coaching, text away!
  • One 10 minute phone call per week (Again, in case of emergency)

“Tandar has the ability to connect with you at every level, she helps you open up and address the inner issues without fear. She helped me get thru one of the hardest times of my life & find peace, her sessions are filled with hope and positive energy :)”

~Saeedeh Salem -Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

On Fire
On a Roll!

– 6 Months

Have you ever asked yourself why the top performers, the happy and fulfilled, and the most successful have a full time coach?

Maybe it’s time you think about that if you are willing and ready to take your life to its ultimate and highest quality levels.

This packages is for those who are committed to themselves, their loved ones and their passion to continue to strive and improve all aspects of their lives.

Not meant for the non-committal!

All the dedicated people, click away:

– 24 Sessions – $3,600.00

(includes 2 complimentary sessions + $240.00 savings)


  • All you can email!
  • 2 Texts per week – In case of need for emergency coaching, text away!
  • One 10 minute phone call per week (Again, in case of emergency)

“I never thought that I’d ever needed to attend such seminars, but I’m so happy I did. This class has changed a few things effectively in my attitude and the way I see myself. It was perfect timing as I was quite lost. Coach Tandar, helped me see with a very clear outlook and I’m hopeful now. I hope she holds more of these seminars here in Iran.”

~Seminar attendee (Iran) - Ava


– 1 Year

This is the ultimate coaching package!

You not only save immensely compared to the other packages, but you set yourself up for absolute commitment to success no matter what your goals and dreams.

This package is also valid for corporations and organizations who would like to hire a coach for their employees and staff for a full day seminar on improving creativity, motivation, ambition, productivity and much more.

It takes major courage and dedication to purchase this one!

Jump in and let’s take it to a higher level:

– 48 Sessions – $7,200.00

(includes 4 complimentary sessions + $480.00 savings)


  • All you can email!
  • 2 Texts per week – In case of need for emergency coaching, text away!
  • One 10 minute phone call per week (Again, in case of emergency)

“I learned that what I thought about myself and what is real, are very different from one another and by practicing the exercises I realized that valuing myself is a far clearer path to take. I’d love to learn even more about how to love myself better.

I am so happy I signed up. I will attend other seminars for sure.”

~Seminar attendee (Iran)
More about the bonuses:

Thought and action provoking exercises are assigned to you by your coach in each session (different for every individual based on their needs).

After each session, you’ll have a week to think and work on your exercises but as we all know, life is not black and white and some surprises may pop up here and there which may leave you longing for your coach’s advice.

Therefore, I’m providing you with the “In Case of Emergency” bonuses with every package purchased.

Again, they are as follows:

  • All you can email!
  • 2 Texts per week – In case of need for emergency coaching, send text!
  • One 10 minute phone call per week (Again, in case of emergency)

“For the longest time, having hope in my life was at its all time low. I thought happiness was not meant for me. After the seminar, I have learned that I have so much to live for and I have so many opportunities to pursue. I’m so happy and hopeful now.”

~ Seminar attendee (Iran)

“Tandar not only motivates, she excites and inspires you, but what she helps you most is to discover what’s within you actually works! I would passionately recommend her to everyone searching for his or her winning path.”

~ Craig L., Vancouver, BC

“Tandar provides a comfortable and confidential environment to speak on personal issues that stop me from moving forward. And her guidance has helped me surpass my mental rut and keep me moving onwards and upwards.”

~ L.P., Vancouver, BC

“Tandar is a fantastic listener, empathizes with you, yet never allows you to dwell on your issues for too long. Her aim is to move you forward, gently and persuasively, but move you on nevertheless. If you are really serious about making significant changes in your life you should give her a try.”

~ N.S., Toronto, ON

“I met Tandar when I was going through a very tough divorce. She had this natural ability to help you dig deep and work through difficulties. She helped me to focus on the positive and regain my appetite for living life to fullest. She genuinely cares. I would recommend her wholeheartedly!”

~ G.P., Vancouver, BC

“…I’m very happy I attended and feel so much lighter as I believe now I can be even happier than even before… Even before this course, I could sense so much positive energy by following Coach’s social media posts. Highly recommend the seminar.”

~ Athena Akhavan - Seminar attendee (Iran)

“Highly recommend you attend her next event! Tandar creates a safe space to really DIG DEEP and explore deep seeded fears, clarify values and goals, and rewrite problem saturated narratives. Note: this is a HIGH energy event, bring your dancing shoes!.”

~Super-Charged - seminar attendee

“I’ve learned to look at things from a different perspective, such as “being enough”, loving myself and much more. Knowing there were others who also didn’t know their way, like me, and how they live a fulfilled life and achieve their goals, gave me much hope”

~ Seminar attendee (Iran)

“Signing up for this course was one of the best decisions of my life… I’ve learned so much about myself and my fears, which prior to this seminar, I did not have the courage to look into. I hope I can attend her future seminars as well.”

~ Tanaz Gordiz - Seminar attendee (Iran)