– 1 Year

This is the ultimate coaching package!

You not only save immensely compared to the other packages, but you set yourself up for absolute commitment to success no matter what your goals and dreams.

This package is also valid for corporations and organizations who would like to hire a coach for their employees and staff for a full day seminar on improving creativity, motivation, ambition, productivity and much more.

It takes major courage and dedication to purchase this one!

Jump in and let’s take it to a higher level:

– 48 Sessions – $7,200.00

(includes 4 complimentary sessions + $480.00 savings)


Thought and action provoking exercises are assigned to you by your coach in each session (different for every individual based on their needs)

Of course after the session, you’ll have enough to think about and work on for a week but as we all know, life is not black and white and some surprises may pop up here and there which may leave you longing for your coach’s advice.

Therefore, I’ve put an “In Case of Emergency” bonus with every package purchased.

  • All you can email!
  • 2 Texts per week – In case of need for emergency coaching, send text!
  • One 10 minute phone call per week (Again, in case of emergency)