It’s very agitating when people ask you questions about your private life which they have no business asking, right?

It’s also very frustrating when family and close friends want to know every little detail about your life and hell breaks loose if you don’t tell them!

This is how it works: They will not stop until they get some sort of an answer or reaction from you.

The big question for today is how can you set limitations for others so that this doesn’t happen.

The better question here is: “How can I set boundaries for myself so that this doesn’t bother me anymore?”.

We all know you can’t control others but you are in charge of YOU.

In order to turn it into a win-win situation (I love those and I’m pretty sure you do too!) I have a few good tips for you that can help you “unchain” yourself from it all.

So let’s jump right in:

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