It begins with your attention to your surroundings.

The organization, the cleanup, the dusting, the laundry, the filing of papers and bills, etc. etc., etc.!

The chores never end and boy do we love them!

The pileup of it all can leave us feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts and that’s when procrastination kicks in.

Procrastination is the result of your expectations of yourself to be and do perfect. So when you realize it will never happen (because perfection doesn’t exist), you postpone whatever it is you had set your mind to do.

So let’s make this easier and fun for you:

If you get to finish any of your chores, big or small, it’s still a great achievement and will help you breathe easier.


Because it’s an action step towards opening more space to improve many areas of your life.

We don’t realize how much we need it until we the much-needed make room for it.

I’m a firm believer that if your space is tidy, organized, and clean then your thoughts, emotions, and plans automatically become clearer.

Now let me be very clear here:

My kind of cleaning can be very different than yours as I can be a neat freak!

So clean and tidy up whichever way makes YOU feel comfortable and back on track with your surroundings.

I have been really busy opening up more breathing space for the past few weeks by cleaning up many areas of my life: home, papers and filing and even a body cleanse.

I feel that it’s the perfect time to clear my surroundings as the new year is approaching and I felt the need for the extra breathing space for what I’m about to bring in and love allowing new beginnings to flow in.

Just remember to take one day at a time, one step at a time, one chore a day (or a week, whatever works better with your schedule) till you get there.

Windows and doors you couldn’t even see open up when we make room to breathe easier.

Interesting enough many believe that it works the other way around: opening a window or a door to get some fresh air.

Through the cleanings we pave the road to welcome our new paths waiting ahead for us to walk through.

Prepare yourself for yet another adventure in this journey called life.

Make the well deserved room for it.

Clean up your surroundings, your emotions, your thoughts and your bodies.

Help yourself look forward to it by preparing and embracing your “breathing space”.

Then, take a deep breath, exhale and move ahead.

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