When we get too comfortable in our lifestyles, we allow our fears to find their way in.

Change is the only constant in our lives that kicks us out of our comfort zones to experience life on a different level and face many of our fears in hiding.

When we’re too certain of anything, we end up feeling imbalanced on all levels: emotionally, physically, and mentally.

So the uncertainty that change offers us, is in fact, good for us to help us feel balanced again.

The more we fight and ignore change, the harder we make life on ourselves.

Change brings us new adventures to learn more about ourselves so we might as well go with the flow of it to understand what’s behind it; whether it’s an opportunity, a lesson, a gift, etc. It helps us with our growth and expansion of our awareness and fine tuning our soul mission.

In today’s session you’ll learn some tips on how to change your perspective to embrace change.

Let’s begin:

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