Let’s make this clear off the bat!

High standards and boundaries do not confine, separate, disconnect, and “protect” us (we only need protection when real danger is around).

Our boundaries and high standards are guidelines we set for a safe, loving, and respectful space, first for ourselves and, therefore, for others on how to love us back.

This is a space where a “No” becomes a complete sentence and from the highest loving place.

They’re our non-negotiable rules for believing that we are worthy of receiving the ultimate love, kindness, respect, compassion, etc. No, ands, ifs, or buts. These rules are not bendable or breakable.

Setting such boundaries is not only one of the highest levels of practicing self-love and self-respect, but also a great way to communicate our needs in all our relationships to keep them healthy and happy.

In today’s session, we’ll be digging deeper into three ways on how to set high standards and healthy boundaries in our daily lives.

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