What makes a person feel respectful or respected?

Is it about being loved and admired for our values, abilities, and achievements by others?

I know this a bit confusing, but the answer is both Yes and No!

The reason I say both is because respect is a two way street.

It is definitely about how we are perceived and treated by others. It’s important to feel respected by those whom we share our time with, as time is the most precious asset we have in this lifetime; once this moment is gone, it’s gone for good.

Feeling respected also means that we are recognized and appreciated for our standards, boundaries, and values.

It’s actually not solely about love, because we can respect someone and not love them or love someone but not respect them.

Most important fact about respect is that it is an inside job.

If we don’t respect ourselves, how can we expect another to make us feel respected? How can we tell we are valued if we don’t know what it feels like to be respected?

And then there are times when we highly respect ourselves but we are faced with people who don’t have any respect or regard for their own time, let alone anyone for us.

What to do? What to do?!

To make it this more clear, in today’s coaching session we will cover some action steps on how to feel respected by self and others.

Let’s get to it:

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